We build, grow and invest in end-to-end financial technology
As a venture builder, we build digital ventures from the ground up and bring them to scale by using our own ideas and resources. We set-out with our passion for innovation and our desire to develop fintech products that society needs.

As an investor, we invest in technology companies to further their potential, powering them to scale-up fast by creating the best possible strategies and carrying out all the activities necessary for their growth.

Through building, investing in the new and emerging technology products, we will continue to disrupt the fintech industry by using different business models in order to create excellent user experiences.

How we are boosting the ideas of the future.

Building complete Ventures from scratch…

Venturing is in our DNA, this could mean introducing new and disruptive approaches, we launch our own fintech start-ups by repeatedly building complete companies from scratch. We manage all development processes including idea, concept, stable product, market fit, promotion and organization.

Because of our long lasting experience in venture building, we learned how to harmonise the need for speed and innovation, with any fintech product.

In order to advance this new digital frontiers as a leading digital venture builder, we saw the power of ecosystems and platforms to disrupt the existing financial industry with embedded financial services technology. Therefore, we're building an inclusive future of work and creating an incredible ecosystem through our embedded financial services both for our own products and for our corporate ventures.

Investing in disruptive fintech start-ups…

We invest in entrepreneurs to create successfull digital companies by providing them an incredible growth consultancy.

Our mission is to help start-up companies to scale- up fast by investing in disruptive businesses. In all that they need, they can rely on services and expertise provided by companies within our ecosystem. We invest in founders with global aspirations and guide them in achieving their goals.

We work closely with our portfolio companies leveraging synergies in the best possible way for a rapid growth. In order to achive this, we use the full range of different disciplines to rapidly commercialise and scale new disruptive businesses. Beacuse it’s not about digital, it’s about growth. We believe either grow fast or kill fast.

Filling the gap for fintech industries.

We are all in this together to create innovation and we believe that boosting ecosystems will help to broaden the financial society as a whole.

It’s undeniable that venture building is industrializing and demystifying a process that used to be more art than science, and empowering organizations and individuals emphasizes the use of human capital to build new value from the ground up in a systematic way. This is of course, increasing the chances of producing and building successful start-ups.

As the interdependence between different fintech Ventures become indispensable and will continue to grow so, we will carry on pioneering the development of the entrepreneurships and fintech ecosystem. We are not only embracing this principle but having co-created it, we are investing on this idea with our experience and know-how.