We will be the pioneer Fintech Venture Builder in Turkey!

With the aim of becoming a global venture builder; we are working to create a strong ecosystem that includes venture studios, venture capitals, technology companies and banks that provide digital banking services for the needs of the society.

Our aim is to manage fintech operations in all European countries and the UK, as well as in Turkey.

Our focus is on “service model banking” which we believe almost break new ground in terms of financial inclusion and will open the door to a whole new era for fintechs.

We, as Aktif Ventures, will enable FinTech startups to establish their own ecosystems with different licenses and APIs through financial institutions with our own services and APIs.

Our aim is to bring FinTechs that provide high quality services in different verticals to the sector with our open banking and API services. We further encourage any FinTech startup to offer new products and services to the market by using the infrastructure of service banks, thus both expanding the ecosystem and enabling much better business models to emerge.
Our Venture Building Strategy
In order to achieve this goal, we have built our venture building strategy on 4 different business models.
Build Your Own
Design, plan, develop, test and implement the venture with in company’s resources.
Buy Product and Service
Buy basic functions from other fintechs develop the future.
Partnering with Fintechs
Develop Partnerships with other Fintechs and co-create the Ventures.
Invest in Fintech
Invest a fintech which has the same sollution.