We set out to become a global “Fintech Enabler” with Aktif Ventures.

Banking as a Service Platform;

As it is known, thanks to service model banking, interface developers can directly connect with service banks' systems through APIs and open banking platforms, and can perform banking transactions on behalf of their customers through these services. We, as Aktif Ventures, obtain many different licenses we need from our bank and affiliates, bring them together in a single business concept and create an api marketplace. Thus, with our own services and APIs, we will provide the basic banking, investment, payments, insurance and licensing infrastructures needed by FinTech startups on a single platform and enable them to establish their own ecosystems with different licenses and APIs. Our aim is to lead any FinTech startup to offer new products and services to the market by using the infrastructure of service banks, thus both enlarging the ecosystem and enabling much better business models to emerge

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Corporate Venture Capital Fund

On the other hand, we are establishing a corporate venture capital fund under the umbrella of Aktif Ventures, where we support technological and innovative venture ideas. Together with our venture capital fund, we offer growth services and investment funds to financial technology startups that support innovative, sustainable and creative financial technology ideas, provide benefits to the society and the environment, produce solutions that have a positive social impact and make life easier.

Together with our CVC fund, we continue to work on our Startup Acceleration Program, and very soon we will start to support entrepreneurs with financial technology-based business ideas and projects under the roof of our bank, with acceleration opportunities. Thus, while opening all our APIs to startups under service model banking, we will also support the technology, infrastructure, license, growth and investment processes that startups need.

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